Are synthetic vitamins good or bad?

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Everybody knows that vitamins are necessary for the normal body activity. But not all time we have a possibility to take natural vitamins from fruit and vegetable to cover daily necessity. And it is a question for many people what will be better: try to get just natural vitamins and believe in their benefits or use synthetic… If you live in a big сity and buy food in supermarkets you must be aware that fruit and vegetable from them can be not only unhealthy but really dangerous for your health, because of a number of chemicals, which are used for getting the better harvest and keeping it in storage for a long time. It is not a big secret and a lot of info about this you can find on the internet.
Meanwhile, a deficiency of vitamins in the body can lead to serious health problems. So, what can be alternative if you can not get all vitamins with food, especially during winter? Are synthetic vitamins good or bad for you? And can synthetic vitamins be harmful?

Different chemical structure of natural and synthetic vitamins

According to scientific research, the chemical structure of natural and synthetic vitamins is the same (except vitamin E). More info is on web-site of  US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health (here for example is about vitamin C). The main difference in influence on the body is in quantity and quality of them.

Allergy to synthetic vitamins

Natural and synthetic vitamins by themselves can not be the reason of allergy because they are part of the enzymes and are not foreign substances. But components which are associated with vitamins and which are auxiliary can be able to cause allergy. And actually, in food can be found much more allergenic components as in pills.

Can synthetic vitamins be harmful and even lead to cancer?

You should understand that vitamins are not candies but even a lot of candies is bad. The overdose of any very healthy food or food supplements can be dangerous for your health. And as for vitamins, of course, you can be poisoned by the overdose of them. It is as dangerous as a deficiency of vitamins in the body, so very important to keep balance.

As about clear interconnection of synthetic vitamins and cancer – I did not find any scientific confirmation on this theme.

One more important thing in context “synthetic vitamins good or bad”- the perceptible result of both synthetic and natural vitamins can be only in the background of their deficiency! When the deficit is eliminated, no any vitamins are obliged to provide any preventive or therapeutic effects.

I do not agitate you for synthetic vitamin pills if you can to get all needed vitamins and nutrients from food by living in the countryside or buying them in well-tried groceries… But if it is impossible, I think will be smart to use synthetic vitamins too, because a deficiency of vitamins in the body is more real and harmful for human health. So, can synthetic vitamins be harmful or not is a topic for many discussions for many years. But for today synthetic vitamins can be one of the ways to refill the body of vitamins to prevent many health problems. And it is just your decision to take them or not.

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