Is a diet soda bad for you?

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Nowadays, many people prefer diet soda to reduce caloric intake do not grow fat or even lose weight. But it is believed that sugar substitutes which are used in them and diet drinks can be harmful to health. In my opinion worth investigating whether this really is or not.

After analyzing the current research on this topic can be concluded that there is no evidence that drinking diet soda effects on health are really dangerous. People who participated in the experiments did not have the same input data. They ate a different amount of calories, had a completely various lifestyles, and often had the diseases, about which no one knew before the experiment.

 Main ingredients in a diet soda

As for sweeteners that are used in dietary foods and including low-calorie soda (aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium), then at the conclusion of FDA they are harmless for the health and for the appearance of the person, do not prevent weight loss and do not increase insulin to a level that is detrimental to health.

Nevertheless there are several biological mechanisms by which can explain the connection between the use of this main ingredients in a diet soda or foods (artificial sweeteners) and possible harm to health. Basically we are talking about strengthening the craving for high-calorie foods and sugar-containing products. Also on the background of drinking diet soda people may erroneously reduce the amount of food calories, they have used. What subsequently can lead to overeating, weight gain and other metabolic disorders.

Thus, under the condition that the person follows healthy ration and calculates calories in food, which eats, main ingredients in a diet soda are not dangerous and diet soda is harmless drink. At the same time, if a person eats a high-calorie foods, overeats, eats much sweets, it can lead to the wrong conclusion that diet soda consumption rather than poor diet is the cause of various diseases. It was a mistake of modern observational experiments on this subject.

Diet soda bad for teeth

So is there any overt deficiencies in diet soda? Based on the scientific data about this topic can be said with confidence that drinking any soda has negative effect on dental health, especially for children and diet soda bad for teeth too. Of course the main role plays the sucrose which conventional beverages are contain. But diet soda bad for teeth, because its total acidity can cause yellowing of teeth and dental caries. In general, excessive consumption of soft drinks without proper dental care can cause tooth decay.

In conclusion, it should be said that nowadays there is no scientific evidence of harm to the body if to drink diet soda and the suggestion that these drinks cause overeating, is a controversial and ambiguous. But first of all we should pay attention to our own health and nutrition.

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