Energy expenditure and obesity

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I guess many of you heard the assertion that people who are obese, have lower energy expenditure compared to those who have a normal body weight. That is, even during physical activity they expend less energy, which creates a positive balance, and subsequently even greater increase in body weight. Is it true? Or is it a myth, created by the people who are overweight to justify his weakness for food.

Energy expenditure levels for different lifestyles

Numerous scientific studies on this subject have shown that obese people have higher as a total energy expenditure and resting energy expenditure. Therefore, people with more weight burn a lot more calories than people with normal body weight, because the metabolism is directly related to the general mass of body and muscle mass. The greater the weight, the more energy is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the body. I guess it will be not bad to use total some total energy expenditure calculator to learn how many calories you spend per a day and understand energy expenditure levels for different lifestyles. It can prevent many health problems in future.


Difference in metabolism of obese people

The main differences between the metabolism of fat people and people with normal body weight is detecting when analyzing energy expenditure during physical activity and diet-induced thermogenesis. However, it should be noted that decrease of indicators, which people with obesity have, are connected primarily with unhealthy behavior, namely, low physical activity, increased intake of calories. More than 20 studies by indirect calorimetry confirmed that the energy expenditure at rest was significantly higher to people who are obese – about 360 kcal per day. And as the degree of obesity is higher, the greater is the level of energy expenditure at rest.

Consequently, exactly reduced physical activity of people who are overweight compared to the people with normal body weight, is the main cause of the positive energy balance. And for such people energy expenditure levels for different lifestyles differ greatly. On passive lifestyle obese people, as researches show, spend about 3 hours longer, which entails an even greater weight gain.

In conclusion, it should be said that the difference between the metabolism of fat and normal body weight man that fat has higher energy expenditure at rest, but physical activity is lower and amount of intake calories is usually more. Accordingly, for the normal metabolism it’s necessary to move more, sit less and necessarily control the amount of calories consumed.

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