What is spring depression?

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In one of the previous posts, I was writing about the lack of sunlight during winter and health problems, which can arise, because of vitamin D deficiency. But it is spring already and the weather is warm and sunny. So why some people feel apathy, melancholy, the physical and emotional tone is reduced, life as a whole seems dreary and meaningless? Very likely it is a form of the seasonal affective disorder, which is called spring depression.

Important to say, that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a term, used for a kind of depressive mood disorder, that covers a person in the cold and dark season and is associated with a lack of sunlight and increased secretion of melatonin. So, for most of the people, this period begins in the middle of autumn and finish in the middle of spring. Therefore, the seasonal depression in the spring is a continuation of winter SAD.

Should be said about the symptoms of winter SAD and symptoms of spring depression, respectively. Though there are some differences because of each individual case is different. But common patterns are very important because help to understand what is it and apply spring depression treatment.

Symptoms of spring depression

– a difficulty with awakening, feeling of weakness and fatigue even in the morning, there is no energy;

– irrepressible appetite (especially draws to food rich in carbohydrates) or loss of appetite;

– it is difficult to concentrate, attention is diffused;

– sexual attraction is very weak or nonexistent;

– sleep disorders (often drowsiness, but can be insomnia or superficial, anxious sleep);

– difficulties in communication, irritability, and wish to hide from everyone, even relatives and friends;

– pain in the body of unknown origin, susceptibility to colds;

–  indifference to the world and itself, a decrease in self-esteem, a sense of own guilt.

So, if you feel yourself good in summer, but notice these symptoms in cold months of the year, probably, you really have seasonal affective disorder and in spring it is a seasonal depression in the spring. But anyway, will be right to consult with the doctor, to exclude more serious disease.

The methods to overcome the seasonal depression in the spring are simple but require constant work on yourself.

Spring depression treatment

1. Spend a lot of time outside. Walk as much as possible, breathe fresh air, enjoy the nature – especially on sunny days.

2. Take vitamins to increase the mood, maintain high mental and physical performance.

3. Try to visit relatives and friends more often. But try to avoid those of them, who are already moping. A bad mood is contagious.

4. Take care of yourself – go to the gym, pool, massage.

5. Increase the sleep time. Sleep is a wonderful remedy for many diseases, including depression.

6. Eat a healthy, balanced food, eat fruit. Try to avoid both low-calorie diets and heavy, fatty and sweet dishes. Limit yourself in strong tea and coffee.

7. Smile, laugh, lift the mood by the films, music and funny stories.

You see, these pieces of advice are very easy to carry out and spring depression treatment is possible by yourself. So, fight with symptoms of spring depression, defeat them and be happy.


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